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Thanks for taking the time to research who we are. We feel its important to know who is doing your work! We have always been marine enthusiasts, so starting a shop that is marine focused with our skill set was a natural fit. Growing up around family that has the talent to mfg thier own boats, sew, and know upholstery made starting Re-vive a great fit along with the love of beng on the water.
We have also taken the time to research what prodcuts are on the market, and have a network of other business people that are more talented then that help us keep moving forward and growing in this industry. We try to keep a very simple business philosophy, we build to how we would want it done! And if is not good enough for us, then would know its not good enough you. We take pride in what we build and know that you will spend countless hours enjoying the work we have performed. Thanks for taking the time to find out a little about us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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